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What We Believe


We affirm our faith as contained in the historic creeds and doctrines of the universal church. We are Weslyan in emphasis and Protestant in theology. We believe that all who come to know the one true God, through faith in the finished work of his only begotten Son, are our brothers and sisters in Christ.


Our Faith


Christian faith is the free gift of God in the meeting with him in Jesus Christ. In this meeting we become free to hear the word of grace spoken in Christ, free to know and live in the truth of Christ, and free to publicly confess our faith in Christ.


Our Mission

To reach our local community as we embody God's love, make disciples for Jesus Christ and continue in service to the world in his name.


Our Values


Our values are grounded in Holy Scripture as understood through the revelation of God, in Jesus Christ.


Our Doctrine


Our "Doctrinal Standards and Theological Task" are found in part 11 of the "Book of Discipline of United Methodist Church".


Our Vision 


God desires that all come to him through belief in his Son, Jesus Christ. God's desire is our desire and we envision a community and a world in which everyone is whole and fully alive in Christ.


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to be a revived church that becomes the catalyst for the rebirth of effective charity, neighborliness, family values and economic stability. We seek to close the gap between the reality of our present existence and the vision above.